October 11, 2016


Weekend Adventure!

Friday started my husband and I’s weekend adventure!!  We drove down to my parents house after he got off work (and after we picked up around the house).  We had a surprise dinner with some good friends celebrating our friend, Eli, as he is about to leave for the Navy.  The dinner was spent with good friends and family.  Eating good Butterbee’s chicken makes any day great! (If you’re ever in Mt. Orab, Ohio, I recommend eating here… there aren’t many other options.. haha). After dinner, we chatted for a little bit, and then we got a group picture.

Jordan drove back to our home that night because he had a flag football tournament the next morning so,  I rode back to my parents’ house with my brother.  I fell asleep on the couch watching Bones.

I woke up at about 8:30 to a phone call from Jordan.  He was going to his football games, and I needed to get up to get ready for Garyn’s cross country meet.  Dad made pancakes and we left at 10 A.M.  After watching Garyn run a personal record of 17 minutes and 5 seconds, we went out to lunch at Fred’s, and got a 26 inch pizza!  Fred’s pizza is in Waverly, Ohio and I totally recommend it!

We got home at the same time Jordan made it back to my parents’ house.  That afternoon, I relaxed in the living room watching Duck Dynasty while Jordan threw a football around with my brothers. 

After church on Sunday morning, we grabbed a quick lunch at McDonald’s and then drove back to my parents’ house.  I wanted to take a little nap, but that didn’t happen.  Instead, Jordan went up to the baseball diamond with my brothers, and they hit golfballs and kicked a football.  When I was tired of watching them, my sister, oldest younger brother, and I went to look for new work pants for Rayna.  She didn’t find any, but it was a good trip with them anyway :). 

Upon our arrival back at the house, the rest of the family was ready to head out to Eli’s official going away party.  It was a quick ride and we had a fun time at the party, throwing a football and a frisbee, eating cake and ice cream, and taking lots of photos.  

Back at the house we rested up for the week to come.  The weekend was a busy, fun-filled one and I’m glad Jordan and I got the opportunity to celebrate Eli before he leaves.  Even though we don’t see each other often, we have known each other for most of our lives.  Thank you, Eli, for spending your last weekend here with the people who love and support you. We will miss you!