February 28, 2017

For Brides

Six Items Your MOH Should Carry for You on the Wedding Day

On your wedding day, there is so much to do and so much on your mind that you should not have to carry a small purse or anything around with you.  Your MOH should have this covered for you.  Now, when I was a MOH, I had many things in a bag that may have been needed.  I have narrowed that list down to the top six most important items.  Maybe I’ll share my complete list another day.


***This is just my personal opinion and by no means do you have to carry these items.  I just believe they are very helpful on the wedding day.***


In no particular order, your MOH should carry:

1.   Deodorant

       Wedding days are very long and in a long, thick dress, you are bound to get HOT.  Nobody wants a smelly bride, pack that deodorant!


2.   Ibuprofen

       It’s your BIG DAY!  Things are coming together but it is still very stressful.  Pack some kind of pain/headache medicine to ensure you enjoy your long day.


3.   Bobbi pins

       Unless you are all wearing your hair down, bobbi pins will be very useful.  Even though you are probably getting your hair done by a professional, hair can get heavy.  You want your hair to look spot on for photos all day long.  Do you really want your updo falling in your face while your breakin’ it down on the dance floor?


4.   Tissues

       Tissues can be used for many things; tears, make up smears, or blotting your made-up face.  


5.   Sewing Kit/Scissors

       You never know if one of your bridesmaids dresses (or heaven forbid, YOUR dress) will catch on something or fray.  Or maybe you added sleeves or a top to a strapless dress and you put your arm through and the stitches rip! Craziness, I know, but it happens!  Your MOH will save the day with a mini sewing kit!


6.   Snacks!

       While it is a long and busy day, you have to remember to eat.  Small things like grapes and carrots or granola bars are perfect light snacks to keep you energized.



Have your MOH carry your lipstick so you can reapply easily!

Having your MOH carry a mini toothbrush/toothpaste could seriously save the day.  If you have perfect teeth, this may not be as necessary, but you want those pearly whites shining bright in all of your photos!


Thanks for reading!

Love to all,