August 8, 2019


Derek is One | Cupcake Smash

Derek and my daughter, Dottie, were born around the same time. This session was hard for me only because Derek turning one means my baby will be turning one soon and I just don’t know if I’m ready for that yet!

When I drove up to their house for photos, I knew it was going to be great! They have the most gorgeous yard!!! The light was perfect and Derek is such a cute little boy!

Emily has Derek’s name tattooed on her arm and I got the perfect shot of Derek’s profile with it! I was so stoked about the shot!!!

Derek was full of energy and excited to be outside running around. He loved playing with the balloons during the session and he was very intrigued by my camera! When Emily went inside to get the cupcake, Derek was having a blast walking around the yard and find all the sticks he could! Of course, he was always trying to chew on them – like most babies would – but his dad, Nick, was always their to keep them out of his mouth.

Derek is a special little boy with parents who love him so much!! Enjoy his one year photos!