September 28, 2016


Our Love Story

Our Love Story

    We met in the summer of 2011 at Butler Springs Christian Camp.  Jordan had just graduated high school and I was an incoming freshman.  

    We didn’t really hit it off that summer.  I don’t even know if we spoke to one another.  I just know that he was on the basketball court for free time everyday, just like me.  

    He messaged me through Facebook after that week and I eventually gave him my number.  We became good friends. But it was a special kind of friendship as it was only through screens because we lived 1.5 hours away from each other.  

    Jordan and I tried to stop being friends so our relationship wouldn’t become romantic.  We stopped because of the age difference and the distance.  We tried to be realistic, but we tried this three different times and every time we felt God pulling us back to one another.  

    In the summer of 2012, we both went back to camp but this time Jordan was a counselor. We were still just friends at this point but we were getting closer.  After all, we had been talking back and forth for a year.  That year at camp, we did talk but it was still a little awkward because of the fact that we hadn’t actually seen each other in that year but we had talked and learned so much.

    In the end, we chose love.  Even by this point in our relationship, we knew we’d be married someday.  We made plans for Jordan to drive down and meet my family in mid-August 2012. Jordan asked my parents if it would be OK with them for us to date, and they said yes, but only at the house.  They were cautious because of the age difference.  After all, I had just turned 16 and Jordan was about to turn 20.  He didn’t actually ask me to be his girlfriend until October 10, 2012 because he knows my favorite number is ten.  🙂  When I got home from my cross country practice, Jordan was at my house waiting for me with some Butterbee’s boneless wings.. YUM!  To ask me to officially be his girlfriend he got down on one knee and asked, I said “of course!” and he picked me up and spun me around.  We were both on Cloud 9.

    Dating was a little bit of a struggle for us.  We never really fought because we are so similar in so many ways, but we struggled.  Mostly because of the distance between us and how often we were apart.  Our feelings for each other were, and still are, so strong and being able to see each other, face to face, usually just on Sunday’s, was super tough.  Long distance sucks.  We handled the space between us the best we could and focused on our faith and love for one another.

 After a little over two years of dating, we were more in love than ever and SO ready to take the next step.  Over Christmas break, Jordan drove down to see me at my grandparent’s Christmas day celebration.  When he got there, I was given a blindfold to put on and helped into his car.  He drove me back to Butler Springs and there, on the basketball court where we had met over three years ago, he got down on one knee, asked me to take my blindfold off, and then he proposed!!  I was overjoyed!

    Exactly seven months later, on July 25, 2015, we were married!  We honeymooned in Kill Devil Hills, NC.  I absolutely recommend visiting here.  The weather and scenery are stunningly gorgeous!

We have now lived in Fairborn, Ohio for 1.5 years and attend church at Miamisburg Christian Church, where we help out with the high school youth group.  


    I cannot wait to see where our love will take us next!!

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XOXO Mikayla