September 30, 2016


REVIEW: Cupshe

A few weeks ago, I bought a new dress for a wedding that is in November.  It is a sleeveless dress so I also needed to buy a sweater, or something to cover me up.  So, I hopped on Pinterest, and searched ‘sweater cover’, and the second post that popped up is the one I fell in love with.  


The image is beautiful, so I clicked on it, hoping it would link back to a website where I could buy it.  It lead me to ! I ended up ordering this sweater in black for $19.99 and FREE shipping! When my sweater arrived, (a couple days before scheduled!!) I fell in love!  The material is so soft.  I had a little trouble getting it to look right at first, but you just have to play around with it a little.  It keeps you warm and keeps you stylish!

I would totally recommend buying this, or anything from the new online store, Cupshe.  My experience was amazing and I will be buying from them again!!