April 29, 2022


The One Where Kylie Graduates College

Kylie has made it! She is a officially college graduate.. as of this weekend! She worked her way through college and is so excited to have her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. One of her first jobs on campus was a guide. As we were walking around the Wright State University campus she’d occasionally bring our her “tour guide voice” when she was telling us different facts about what we walked passed. I actually attended WSU for a semester, so it was kind of neat to hear about all the facts she still remembered years later!

Kylie is currently working in HR at a local Kroger. Her dream job would be a marriage and family therapist or a school counselor. She wishes she had those resources available to her when she was growing up, so she wants to be able to provide others with the opportunity she didn’t have.

Kylie is going to do great things! Scroll through her Wright State University graduation photos below then congratulate her on her huge accomplishment!

Congratulations, Kylie!!