April 25, 2022


Disney Adventure | Part Ten

Wow! You’ve made it to the end of our Disney Adventure! No one ended up lost or severely hurt. This was a very successful family trip for us and I loved every minute through tired eyes and with a joyful heart!

If this is your first time coming across this series feel free to start at the beginning and work your way through our Disney World trip.


We arrived at the airport around 4pm and when we got off a man was waiting there with a cart and he took us right to bag check.  I was thankful for him because while we would have found our way eventually, we were too tired to do anything. haha  We checked our luggage and got food for late lunch/early dinner.  We took our time and had a potty break. Dottie found two little girls to play with during this time and they all had a BALL!  Dottie was so sad when we had to leave to get through security and find our gate.

To get to the gate, you have to go on the monorail.  During this very short and sweet ride, Dottie POOPED her pants!!!  I took her to the bathroom and cleaned her up thanking God that I remembered to pack extra underwear for her in my carry on.  The messy underwear went straight to the trash!  Toddlers are so much fun!!

We finally got to the gate and Dottie found another little friend sitting by the window and asked if she could go “play”, I said sure and she went right over and started playing.  The other little girl was a little thrown off and even walked away at first, but she went back. lol

This flight was leaving around 6:30.  We got on fairly easily and settled in. I prayed the kids would fall asleep and they did!!  Only to have us have to switch planes in Baltimore.  We weren’t supposed to have to switch but we did.  That was annoying, but we got Auntie Anne’s to make us happy again. Haha.  At this stop, I switched the kids clothes from Florida clothes to Ohio clothes.  A definite need in December!

This flight was another fairly easy one although it rained most of the way and the kids were NOT amused.  They were so exhausted and grumpy.. I really couldn’t blame them.

When we finally landed in Cincinnati, we were delirious and on our last nerves.  I’m surprised we ever made it to baggage claim and back to the van, but we did it.  Jordan slept most of the time on both plane rides so he was good to drive home while I slept some in the passenger seat.  We finally rolled into our garage around 1am.  We grabbed the kids, essentials and left the rest for the morning.

What a trip!

Let me know if you found any of this useful for your future Disney trips or if you enjoyed hearing all of the shenanigans from our trip! haha  Thanks for reading!