April 4, 2022


Disney Adventure | Part Seven

You’re here because you are taking a Disney trip soon and looking for some insight, you are family/friends and want to hear all the details of our Christmastime Disney trip, or you just love all things Disney and can’t help but read. For whatever reason, I’m so glad you’re here! This is part seven of a ten week series. If you haven’t caught the previous segments of this series check them out here:


Waking up on Thursday was the HARDEST.  Hollywood studios was the other day besides Magic Kingdom that we decided to purchase Genie+.  In the end, it was worth it even though we didn’t do a ton at this park.

We were headed out at 7AM and picked up breakfast on the way to the skyliner.  I was planning on eating quickly on the way, but for a reason that escapes me, we didn’t eat at this time.  When we made it into the park and started in Toy Story Land! It was so cool!  Slinky Dog Dash was down and would be down for four hours. Boo!  So, in the meantime, we hit up Alien Swirling Saucers which we did twice in a row switching kids between rides. After those two rides, we sat down and ate our breakfast and had a potty break.  I was SO proud of Dottie for doing so well as she was very newly fully potty-trained!

We went to Toy Story Mania which had SUCH a cool line with old games and toys painted on all the walls and ceiling and we had a fun time shooting lasers! (Jordan did the best!)  Also, we rode Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway which was similar to the ratatouille ride, so I really liked it.  With having a Cars themed suite at our resort, we figured the kids would appreciate this, so we went to the Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy show and of course, A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration… Twice! lol We went and looked around at the Star Wars land and started getting hungry so we snacked on our popcorn.  Jordan got some photos with Dottie and with Lucas at the Star Wars places.

After all this, we went back to check on Slinky Dog Dash, the real roller coaster that Dottie could actually ride!  The wait was sitting at three hours… but we got in line!  While we waited we got ice cream for lunch! What? We were on vacation!!  We got the cute little Mickey shaped vanilla ice cream with a chocolate shell. YUM!! I ate one and Dottie and Lucas shared one.  Jordan enjoyed a Lemon Chill!  I stayed with Dottie first and Jordan stayed with Lucas when we got to the part of the line where they had to step out (about an hour in). I honestly don’t know who had the short end of the stick, Dottie was anxious, but Lucas was wild I’m sure for two hours!!

You guys, this line… ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. I really can’t believe we waited for that long. But, what else were we going to do?  While Dottie and I were in line, I realized by the time we’d be done with this ride, we would be able to park hop!  So, I reserved Lightning Lane for Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid at Magic Kingdom!!  This roller coaster was cool and I really enjoyed getting to experience that with Dottie.  One perk for having to wait so long was that Jordan got to go back and explore more of the Star Wars area and he got to kind of study the ride and know exactly where he would be able to see us AND tell us where our picture would be taken.  I’m sad that these photos didn’t get loaded onto our bands and into our MemoryMaker. 🙁

So, we waited for THREE HOURS and finally got on the coaster. Once we got off, we immediately found Jordan and Lucas and Jordan headed back to the line with Dottie… But this time, they got to go through the Lightning Lane.. THANK YOU parent swap!!!!!!  They were in and out in under 20. Whattttt!

We had to take a bus to travel from Hollywood Studios to Magic Kingdom, so to the line we went.  When we were in line the SWEETEST thing happened… There was a family in front of us and they had three of those darn Mickey balloons.  Dottie kind of pointed them out, but moved on quickly.  The next thing I know, the mom is asking me if we’d do her a favor and take one of their balloons because they “just have too many.”  HOW SWEET and PERFECT!!!  I seriously cried over this.  Yes, I teared up.  I’m a big softy!  Isn’t it amazing how God works everything out?!

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