March 7, 2022


Disney Adventure | Part Three

Part three is here! If this is your first time seeing my Disney Adventure blogs, you can read Part One here and Part Two here!

Monday morning we were so drowsy.  By we, I mean me and Jordan.  I had gotten about roughly 13 hours of sleep in the past 3 days.  I was shot, but I was excited!  Dottie got right up! Lucas was a little groggy, but energetic as soon as we left the room.  The night before when I ordered dinner, I had also ordered breakfast for the morning.  Of course no one wanted what I got for them.  MY breakfast was good! haha.

We didn’t get out the door as soon as we wanted to to grab the first bus to Animal Kingdom.  We kept checking the Disney World app to see the bus times.   It’s very accurate and updates as the driver is on their way.  We eventually made it down to the busses and hopped on!  Getting on the bus was a bit stressful every time we had to do it because we had to hold Lucas, our things we were taking to or from the park, fold up and hold the stroller, and make sure Dottie got on the bus and in her seat alright.  It was convenient but stressful.  I do not miss that part!

We got to Animal Kingdom at 7:30 and got through the entrance quickly.  We decided to purchase the Memory Maker and we saw the photographers throughout the park but we decided to wait until later to stop and get our photo taken.  You’d think the problem with that would be the kids being tired and ready to go.. nope.  They were actually acting better for us when we stopped for photos on our way out of the park.  Our pictures would have turned out extremely cute!  The photographers must have been working their first shift or something.. As a photographer, I was so extremely sad about these photos.  I thought about going back and having them done again, but the bus ride there and back just for a few pictures stopped me. Seriously, check out the photos below. They are the last ones.

That was the end of our Animal Kingdom day, but back to the beginning!  Our first ride of our trip was the Na’vi River, a calm boat ride.  This was a great choice!!  The kids both LOVED this ride and Jordan and I really enjoyed it as well. We didn’t purchase Lightning Lane for our Animal Kingdom day so we had to wait in line. But, all of the lines, whether they were long or short, were constantly moving.  None of the lines at Animal Kingdom wore us down.  The line for the Kilimanjaro Safaris was our longest wait at about 60 minutes, but it kept moving, so it was tolerable.  We actually started walking up to find the line for this when we had actually passed it a while back haha!  This line was confusing for everyone.  We had people jump in line in front of us because they were confused, too. We also had a kind family behind us in line and they shared their popcorn with Dottie.  She was so happy.  She dropped a piece on the ground and I couldn’t stop her fast enough.. She picked it up and ate it…. off the ground…. at Animal Kingdom. (Face palm)  Every time after that when she dropped a piece, I encouraged her to make it “fun” and to step on it and crumble it.  That seemed to work!

The kiddos had a blast in DinoLand!  We rode TriceraTop Spin twice in a row and then a third time near the end of our day.  We also loved Kali River Rapids.  Lucas was not tall enough for this ride, so we did parent swap and Dottie got to ride twice! While Dottie and Jordan went on this ride, Lucas spilled chocolate milk ALL down his front and in the stroller..  I’m so thankful we knew we’d be going on a water ride and brought an extra pair of clothes for everyone.  We found a family bathroom after this ride and we all changed.  It was cloudy on this day and there was a bit of a drizzle during a small part of the day, but it was not much of a bother!

Other things we enjoyed at Animal Kingdom were the Wildlife Express Train that takes you to Rafiki’s Planet Watch where we experienced the Affection Section, a cute little petting zoo.  We went to A Celebration of Festival of The Lion King show.  The kids hadn’t seen The Lion King yet and they were still Very fascinated by the show. It was super cool! That had a long line as well.  We also shopped in the gift shops at Animal Kingdom buying a jacket for Luke, a hat for Jordan, a Cinderella dress for Dottie, and 50th anniversary Christmas ornaments for friends.  We had lunch at Pizzafari where the kids ate more oranges than pizza, haha.

We left the park around 5:30 that day after getting photos from the park photographers.  We packed ourselves onto the bus and headed back to the resort.  Dottie asked to swim when we got back, but it was far too chilly to swim.  It was hard convincing her of this because other children were swimming.  We had Chick-fil-A DoorDashed to the resort and enjoyed our dinner while prepping for Tuesday at Magic Kingdom!!

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