February 28, 2022


Disney Adventure | Part Two

Welcome back! Thank you for coming to check out the next part of our family Disney Adventure!

If you missed Part One, you can read it here!

On this flight, I sat in the middle with Lucas, Jordan sat in the aisle seat, and Dottie sat in the window seat. It was now light outside and the kids were so excited.  They both got a little restless on this flight and Lucas did a stent of crying for 5 minutes straight. yup.. we were those people.  whoops.  I finally got him to calm down after taking all of his clothes off and getting some chocolate out of our carry ons. He proceeded to be wild until about 10 minutes before we landed. He fell into a DEEP sleep less than thirty seconds before the plane landed. Crazy. He was in such a deep sleep that I moved him, carried him off the plane, and strapped him in the stroller without him even budging.  So sleepy! He got a nice nap while we found baggage claim.  He woke up while we were waiting to talk to customer service about one of our bags.  We had late checked bags and they all made it.. except for one.  It was on the next flight out.  So we had to stay at the airport for a couple hours to wait for Dottie’s suitcase to arrive.  We decided to eat lunch to kill the time. The kids were EXHAUSTED. Dottie literally fell asleep in the booth while watching a show and Jordan was ordering our food.  Lucas was grumpy from an interrupted nap and throwing anything he could reach.  And it was just the beginning. HA!

Jordan and I ate with Lucas while Dottie napped on my lap.  I checked the Disney World app to see if our room was ready yet.  It wasn’t.  It was passed check-in time, so I had expected to be able to check in already.  It was no big deal though because we still had a little while until we’d make it to the resort. After we ate, it was time for our last suitcase to be arriving.  Jordan went back to baggage claim while I staying with the kids and the rest of ALL of our luggage.  Jordan came back with the bag and then we did a potty break.  After that, we went to find the Magical Express to finally head into Disney World and our hotel, Art of Animation.

While we were in line to get onto the Magical Express, I checked the Disney World app again to see if our room was ready yet. Nope. Refresh. YES! Our room was ready and I checked in on the app! So easy!  But something wasn’t right.. we had booked a standard Little Mermaid room and it said our room was a Cars family suite… They upgraded us FOR FREE because our room wasn’t ready at check-in time. Score!!!

Lucas fell asleep on the ride to our hotel.  Our driver was funny and he pointed out things before we were about to pass them to make sure we had a great experience. The sign for our hotel was SO BIG.  One of the largest signs I’ve ever seen.  We pulled up to the front, got out, and waited for our luggage to be unloaded.  We went inside the front and out through the back.  We found a large map of the resort and found our building.  While we were walking there with all twelve of our bags and two kids and a stroller, a resort employee asked if he could help and I gladly accepted!  He took a couple bags and led us right to our room!  He was very kind and helpful.  I was thankful!!

We got into our room and checked it all out. I was so grateful for all of the extra space in the suite! The kids loved the Cars theme.  Every time Lucas saw one of the cars in the room he’d say, “VROOMMM!” So cute!!  He did this all throughout the week and it was never not cute.. well, to me anyway.

We passed three pools on the way to our room, so Dottie asked to swim for the 50th time that day. haha It was the warmest day that we’d be there not including our departure day, so we decided to go swimming!  We tried out the pool closest to our room first. It was cute and less crowded, but freezing!  We went to check out the second closest pool and it was much warmer.  Dottie spent most of her time in the big pool with Jordan and Luke and I spent all of our time at the splash pad.  His favorite!!  He loved the splash pad at Great Wolf Lodge, too.  It was getting dark and we had to pull the kids away from the water so we could eat dinner and get a bath.

We ordered from the resort restaurant and got two of the reusable collector mugs and two Incredibles straws.  Lucas loves Jack Jack!  While waiting on the food, we bathed and got dressed for bed.  Dinner was good for Jordan and I, but the kids barely ate.  Normal for them. haha. After making a plan for the next day, we went to bed late on our first night with an alarm set for Animal Kingdom on Monday!!!

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