March 4, 2022


Fain | Family Session

Dylan and Nikki moved to Uganda with their boys, Austin and Ryker in 2019.

Let that sink in. They were living comfortable lives surrounded by family and friends, but God put a calling on their hearts. When God calls you to do something SO big, it is sooo scary. But, if it is God’s will for your life, there will be some crazy blessings in your life!

They moved. TO AFRICA.


During their session, just seven days before their lives changed forever, I was asking them all about this exciting adventure. They were trying to get everything ready and in order for their big move but they were at such peace.

Fast forward a little bit.. March 2020 hit and the whole world was impacted. God told them it was time to come back. When they could travel back, they came back to America with a new perspective on life, but that same strong trust in God and His plan for their lives. They have been fixing up a house to live in and just enjoying the seasons as they come and pass.

Here is their session from Summer 2019. Enjoy!