February 21, 2022


Disney Adventure | Part One

I am finally starting the mini series for our recent trip to Disney World!

Each Monday at 8 AM a new part of the story will go live! This will be a 10 week series with the entire adventure split into 10 easy to read posts! 🙂

Saturday night we finished packing all we could pack around 11pm and we went to bed with an alarm set for 2:30am.  2:30 came in a blink and I hit the snooze button.  Finally, we got up at 3am, got dressed and ready, and woke up the kids.  Lucas was fussy because he was tired and just didn’t understand why we were waking him up.  He always wakes himself up in the mornings so that was different for him.  Dottie was a different story.  She was up as soon as we reminded her where we were headed!  We got them ready and we packed up final toiletries and sleep comforts for the kids.

We aimed to leave for the airport at 4am, but we pulled out of the driveway at 4:27. Not too bad, we’d get to the airport about an hour later. I honestly didn’t realize how close we were cutting it until now as I type this out. eek.

We found a parking spot and made it inside to get our bags checked. We worked our way through a deep security line with all of our carry on items, two kids, and a stroller.

After security, by the time we made it to our gate, group A was lined up to board the plane. We were in group A, but we still had to stop at the kiosk by the gate to get a tag for our stroller and Lucas’ boarding pass. That took longer than I had expected. By the time we got the tag and pass, group A was finished boarding and they had begun boarding families.  We were able to just go up and get right in.  Getting on the airplane with two littles and all of our bags and coats was not an easy feat. shew.

Dottie was so excited to ride on the plane, but did not want to sit by the window. I like the window seat so I sat by the window and held Lucas, Jordan sat in the middle, and Dottie sat in the aisle seat.  It was still dark outside during this flight so Dottie wasn’t too hyper yet. This was our easiest flight. Lucas fell asleep as we were descending. We got off the plane, grabbed our stroller, and headed to find our next gate.

We landed in Baltimore for a 150 minute layover before our flight to Orlando. The gate was a good walk away.  We let both Dottie and Lucas walk around to get some excitement jitters out of their system before another cramped flight.  Of course, Lucas fell while running on the moving walkways and hit his head, resulting a nice bruise on his face near his eyebrow. Classic Lucas.

After we found our gate, we got some breakfast at McDonald’s in the airport and killed some time before our flight.  We started walking toward our gate and we came across a security guard. Dottie loves seeing anyone with a badge or a medical uniform.  They gave her and Lucas a sticker badge, which she immediately had to put on her shirt. The four of us found a restroom after buying airport diapers (I had wipes with me but I packed all of the diapers in the checked bags..oops), then found some seats near our gate and waited for them to call group A.  Jordan got a tag for the stroller and we boarded the plane for Florida!

The adventure begins!!! Photos below!

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