March 28, 2022


Disney Adventure | Part Six

Coming at you is the second half of our Epcot day in Disney World! If you haven’t seen the prior posts in this mini series feel free to catch them here:


On our way out of Disney Springs, we finally came across the people with the big Mickey balloons!  Dottie had been asking for one since before our trip because she saw it on a piece of mail they sent!  We walked up and she picked her color, and the lady said, “$15”… I gulped, grabbed my debit card, and paid as I sent up a prayer apologizing for being foolish with my spending.

It was helium, but there was a weight on the end of the string to help hold it down. I tied the string of the balloon around the stroller handle because we didn’t want to constantly have to hold it the whole time.  We hopped on a bus back to the resort and walked toward the skyliner.

We got the stroller on the skyliner.. but not well enough.  The balloon string caught on the doors of the skyliner as we were walking on and it snapped right off! How crazy is that? We had that $15 balloon for LESS THAN AN HOUR! UGH..  Oh well, we thought.  Dottie didn’t notice this happened and we decided not to bring it to her attention.

We got to Epcot after a few stops and headed toward Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure!  We got in line where Dottie saw a balloon… then suddenly she remembered hers… We had to break the news that we no longer had it.  She was sad but alright with it.  I felt so bad!  There was still about a 30 minute walking wait.  The line felt quick and had a fun set up with buildings and staged areas.  This was my favorite ride of all the rides!!! So worth all the effort and waiting! It was a 4D experience where you are seeing life through Remy the rat’s point of view.  So much fun!!!

We went and found an American spot for dinner.. I know, very adventurous! haha. The Regal Eagle Smokehouse is what we settled on.  It was good, but I got full very quickly!  I had the burger on garlic bread instead of a traditional bun.

At this point it was cold, late, and way past bedtime for Luke.  We were leaving.  We were!  But then when we walked out of the restaurant and there was a band and choir singing Christmas carols.  It was SO beautiful we stayed for about 10 minutes to listen.  Then we headed again for the skyliner back to the resort.  Really, we WERE headed that way.  But… we found an open spot near the water, a perfect spot to watch the fireworks and light and water show… So, we parked and waited about 15 minutes for the show to start.  Lucas fell asleep in the stroller and Dottie sat in my lap wrapped up in a blanket.

The show was incredible.  I’m thankful we could stay to watch.  We did leave a few minutes early because it was really loud and Lucas woke up and Dottie was getting cranky at this point.  We left at just the right time and beat MOST of the LARGE crowd to the skyliner.. SCORE! But, we still ended up sharing the pod with a couple for the first time.

Our tired bodies sat on the skyliner and rode a few stops until finally reaching our resort.  Our room was on the complete opposite side of the resort, so we still had a bit of a walk.  When we made it back to the room, we showered VERY quickly, set an alarm for Hollywood Studios on Thursday and fell into a deep sleep in a second.

Comment below with some of your favorite things to do at Epcot so we have more of an agenda next time!

Here are just a few photos from the rest of our day in Disney Springs and Epcot!

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