March 21, 2022


Disney Adventure | Part Five

If you’ve made it this far, by the end of this post you’ll have made it halfway through our family Disney World trip! WOW! What a full trip. If this is your first time coming across this ten week mini series, check out the previous parts here:


From our resort, there is a skyliner that takes you to Epcot.  You have to switch a couple times, but it’s so much faster than the busses!  You can keep our stroller open and all of our stuff and the kids in it!  It can be a little tricky because it never stops moving, but it’s slow enough that we did alright.  Dottie loved riding this and even considered it one of the park rides. haha

Epcot is the park that opens the latest so we were actually at the park at the rope drop and for the beginning of early admission. So exciting!  Dottie wore her Cinderella dress and Lucas wore a Prince Charming outfit.  It was the CUTEST thing!  While waiting for them to let us in, we started talking to a nice family from South Carolina.  We saw them randomly throughout the day quite a few times, haha.

We first headed toward Soarin’ Around the World to see if Dottie could ride it.. she was half an inch too short. 🙁 So we went to The Sea with Nemo and Friends.  The kids really liked this after the super long entry line. There was no wait time but it just took us forever to walk through the forever-long line. haha  We explored the aquariums in the building after this ride.

We didn’t think Epcot would hold the kids’ attention as long as the other parks, and we were right. We went to Frozen Ever After and waited in line for 80 minutes because Anna and Elsa are the kids favorites. If you’re at the park for early admission, this is definitely the ride to go to FIRST!  We didn’t purchase Genie+ for Epcot because of our suspicion that we wouldn’t be there too long and it wouldn’t be worth it. Frozen Ever After was a super fun boat ride where you go forwards and backwards and have the possibility of getting wet on the drop off.  We all enjoyed this ride and it was worth the wait in my opinion.  After this ride, we saw one of the photographers and stopped to get our photo taken.

On our way to the Frozen Ever After line we saw a pastry/coffee stand called Joffery’s.  That line was short but took almost as long as the frozen ride. eek.  Multiple people left the line while we were waiting.  We pushed through, Lucas took a nap and Dottie enjoyed a show on my phone.  Jordan and Dottie got donuts and I got a special coffee drink and a chocolate chip cookie!  We sat down and enjoyed our treats then decided to go back to the skyliner to the resort for a nap, lunch, and to score a spot on the list for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure!

We took a family nap and set an alarm for 12:55 to check in on the Disney app to make sure we could get a spot for the ratatouille ride. Jordan and I were both on to refresh and check.  I bet we both refreshed more than 100 times.  Jordan got in just before me and snagged us a spot! Our time was set for 7pm! Craziness!

We got Mexican food for lunch and took our time eating that and enjoying our family.  We still had so much time before our time for ratatouille, so we decided to go check out Disney Springs!    That meant a bus ride… where we were split up again.. me with the kids and Jordan across from us with the stroller.  I was thankful to be sitting down though.  A girl stood up so I could sit down and hold both kids. I thought that was so kind!

We finally made it there and we were very overwhelmed. haha This was more intimidating than the parks!!! We found a directory and found a Build-A-Bear!  Dorothy got a B-A-B gift card for her birthday from her Nana Beth and Pop Tracy that we hadn’t used, so we got to have that fun experience with her and of course we made a stuffed animal for Lucas, too!  They both got dinosaurs, Dottie a red dino with a cheerleading outfit that she named Princess and Luke a green dino with a cute shirt and shoes that Dottie named Scott. haha!  When we finished this, it was time to head back to the bus to the resort and over to the skyliner to Epcot. Shew!

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