April 18, 2022


Disney Adventure | Part Nine

I’m Mikayla and i’m telling all about our Disney Adventure from this past Christmas! If you’ve missed the previous posts check them out below, and make sure to come along for our final post next Monday!


Friday morning we took our time getting up and dressed, then we went down to the Landscape of Flavors restaurant and enjoyed a sit-down breakfast.  It had been so long since we sat for breakfast; that was nice!

Heading back to the room, we took some photos around the resort.  It was seriously the cutest and we still didn’t even search through it all!  Packing up was a challenge to say the least.  Haha!  With all the stuff we bought we Almost need another bag.  eek!  We made it work!!  We took our bags to baggage services and they held our bags for us until it was time to leave for the airport.  While we were waiting in line to stash our luggage, we saw a family who was just arriving and, after already discussing this with Dottie, I gave our balloon to another little girl.  Dottie got really upset and cried.  Not because she didn’t want to give her balloon away, but because I did it instead of her.  The family gave it back just so Dottie could hand it to them. <3

Of course, this day was the warmest day and Dottie asked to swim many many times.  I wanted to say yes, but just couldn’t justify it because of wet clothes going back into the suitcases.. So, instead we allowed her to get her face painted!  She really liked the leopard and that’s what she got!  It was really cute!

Other than getting a face painting while we waited we walked around the resort, the kids played on the playground and made friends, we had a snacking lunch, we went and looked around the arcade, and we rode on the skyliner for fun.

On the skyliner, we rode all the way to Epcot and thought maybe we could just stay on and go around.. no.  They made us get out and get back on.. interesting, but okay.  While getting out, on of our collectable reusable cups fell out of the side of the backpack.  The worker would not get it for us. 🙁  I was a little upset about that because we paid money for that and I’m sure people drop stuff down there all the time and thought he should have a grabber or something.  Ugh, oh well.  We walked around just to get back on and what do we see at the other end of the skyliner?  At the stand where the workers are is a, wouldn’t you know it, a grabber.  I just had to laugh at the irony.

We went back to the resort and the kids played a little while longer on the playground then we went to grab our bags and head out to meet the Magical Express!  Dottie found some friends that they had made on the playground while waiting out front and she just had to go say goodbye one more time.

When the Magical Express pulled up, the driver loaded all of our bags and we found a seat on the bus.  That wasn’t hard because we were like four of eight total people on the bus.. including the driver. Lol  Jordan and Dottie took a nap on the bus while Lucas and I were fascinated by the sights outside.