April 11, 2022


Disney Adventure | Part Eight

Eight weeks in on our Disney Trip from Christmastime! Thank you for coming back each week to read about the next part of our adventure. If you haven’t read the previous parts of this series, you can go back and catch them here:


Welcome back! Now that you’re all caught up, enjoy the next segment of our trip!

Traveling to Magic Kingdom was fairly easy at this point.  We had become experts at this part! Almost. Lol The trip back was a different story, but more on that later.  We found our way to Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid and Lucas got to experience this ride for the first time and Dottie enjoyed it a third time!

It was time for dinner by the time we were done with this ride, so we put in our meal at Cosmic Ray’s.  We didn’t head there right away even though it was a bit of a walk.  We were by the Little Mermaid ride so we had to stop first at Gaston’s Tavern for a LeFou’s Brew and one of their amazingly large cinnamon rolls!!! Wow!  I didn’t want to spoil my dinner, but it was also warm and I didn’t want to miss that experience!  I had a few very delicious bites while heading to Ray’s, then saved the rest for the next day.

We chose a MUCH better table for dinner this time and it was more enjoyable!  Dottie asked Jordan to dance with her after we finished eating and they did.  It was adorable!  At this point it was about 7pm and we were all shot.  We did NOT stay for the fireworks this time. haha

Heading back to the bus, I remember thinking that my body was just moving out of habitual motion and not because I actually had the energy to move.  A few minutes later, Jordan said something about how he knows he just has to keep moving because otherwise we’ll never make it.  LOL Disney tired is a WHOLE new level.  Lucas and Dottie fell asleep on our walk and I hated having to wake them up to get on the bus.  Dottie wanted to be held, I had to hold Lucas because he’d either run or lay down (sounds weird, but truly either could have been a possibility) and Jordan was holding our bags and the stroller.  It wasn’t our best Disney moment and neither was it when we got to sit down on the bus…

We were split up here again and I think this was the worst time.  Jordan had the stroller again and I had the kids.  We were in the same general area but I think there were a couple people between us.  Well, like I said Dottie had fallen asleep so she was grouchy and crying/screaming and Lucas had just pooped and it smelled BAD.  Whoops, sorry fellow bus riders!  I was sweating bullets trying to hold both kids still and my breath because man that poop smelled bad.

Making it back to the hotel knowing we could sleep in the next day felt sooo good.  We cleaned up a little bit so we would just have to pack everything up in the morning, then we hopped in our beds and headed off to dreamland!

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