April 8, 2022


The One Where Rayna Gives Birth

The first labor and delivery I was able to be part of was my sister’s. That was when I was still in high school almost eight years ago! I left church camp early to be there and it was perfect! Vivian was born that day, my first niece. I was so honored to be part of that. And I have been so honored to be part of my sister’s next two labor and delivery experiences with Charlotte and Averie.

I was at an inbetween stage with photography at the time of Vivian’s birth, so I didn’t capture that one, but I did take some maternity photos of Rayna while she was pregnant with her. I’ll spare you having to see those 😉

Charlotte came along in 2019 and I was so excited to be able to again be part of this experience, but also being able to photograph it this time!

I remember picking up my mom, dropping Dottie off at my mamaw’s house and heading toward the hospital. Rayna did so great, as she did with Vivian and has since done with Averie and I’m sure she will do with Rylee!

WARNING!!!: Below are photos from the hospital labor and delivery Rayna had with Charlotte. While I do my very best to keep the photos polished, birth is not censored. There may be sensitive photos involved in this post.