June 27, 2018


Our Life Update

May was one of the craziest months of our marriage.  Jordan and I have been through so much over this past month causing large amounts of stress and worry.  We have had to put our trust in God like we never have before this time.

    First, a little back story.  We began this year by starting our family in January and we are expecting a baby GIRL sometime around October 2, 2018!  We had always planned on moving away from Fairborn, Ohio and back to where I grew up, in Brown County, Ohio when we started our family.  So, when we found out we were pregnant, we started the search for our new home.  Like anybody would do, I posted to Facebook, asking if anyone knew of any houses available for rent.  I got lots of suggestions, did my research, and Jordan made some calls.  We found this cute little house on about an acre of land in Mt. Orab that we adored.  When Jordan and I went to check it out on April 18th, we fell in love even more!  We could picture this house being our baby girl’s first home.  And on April 20th, we put in our two weeks at our jobs and notified our landlord of our situation.  *Little side note – our landlords were the nicest people ever and made our moving out process so smooth! Even though we were getting out of our lease early, we wouldn’t be out of the house by the end of April, and we would still have one of our non-drivable cars in one of the parking spots, they didn’t make us pay for the few days we would be there in May or penalize us for the car or leaving early.  They kept the security deposit and that was beyond nice.  We really appreciate them and LOVE that they were able to be our first landlords!
    Over the next two weeks, we worked our jobs as much as possible to save as much money as we could because we still didn’t have any jobs secured for our move.  When we weren’t working, we would be cleaning, packing or sleeping.  Jordan was working two jobs and I was making a human; we were exhausted!
    May 3rd came and that marked Jordan’s last day at Outback.  May 4th was my last day at Outback and Jordan’s last day at Early Express.  The next day was a Saturday spent working on the house all day long.  We started around 9 am and Jordan’s parents came to help around noon.  So thankful for them!!! Jordan’s friend, Zach also came over to help move the heavier things.  Without him, we couldn’t have done it!  We packed up the box truck, which we were able to borrow from Early Express (we have been beyond blessed during this whole transition), we dropped off some furniture to some friends in need after a fire, and took our first load to our new home!  Jordan drove the box truck and I drove his car down so we could leave it down there.  We met my parents at the house around 8 pm and we got the truck unloaded in about 20 minutes.  The landlord wanted us to be in the house by the first of the month, but they didn’t have the house quite ready.  We were getting out of our condo though, so she let us put our boxes and beds in the parts of the house that were finished.  After dropping things off, we headed back to Xenia.  We stayed with Jordan’s parents for a couple nights because we didn’t have a bed.

    On Sunday, we went to church, had a quick lunch with family, then went back to the condo with the box truck to load the rest of our things and finish up the deep cleaning.  Kay, Jordan’s mom, was a total lifesaver when it came to cleaning the condo.  She was amazing and even stayed to finish up while we had to start making our trek down south.  It was another long day,  we didn’t leave the condo until around 11:30 pm and got to the new house and finished unloading around 1 am.  Jordan was a total stud during this trip!  It was so late and a school night so we didn’t have any help unloading.  I couldn’t lift much because of baby girl and we had a washer and dryer to unload this trip.  Jordan was a superhero and got both the washer and the dryer off the truck and into the house all by himself, along with all of the other heavy things.  Thank goodness for the dolly we had!  We made our way back to Xenia that night around 4 am after dropping the box truck off at Early Express, stopping only a few times for gas and dance parties to stay awake!

    Needless to say, Kay missed work the next day and we all slept in.  Slowly making our way back to the condo one last time.  We packed up my car with the last little load (things that we still needed to use or were too fragile for the box truck) and refrigerated items.  After sweeping one last time and leaving our keys behind, we locked the door and left our first home.  We made it to the new house around 9:30 and unpacked the car.  Seeing as we still didn’t have our bed set up, we went to my mom and dad’s house for the night. SLEEP!!!
    By May 7th, we were all moved in.  And on May 8th all of our kitchen things were unpacked, our bed was set up, and we had cooked our first meal in the house – walking tacos!  Shoutout to Rayna, Vinny, and Vivian for the help with all of that stuff! Even though we had our bed set up, we didn’t want to stay there yet because we hadn’t signed the contract.  So, we tidied up as well as we could and headed to my parents house to get ready for my little brothers’ baseball game. 
    At this point, we were still jobless so we were able to go to every one of the boys’ games.  I have been so thankful for that.  Last year, being so far away and working a lot, we didn’t make it to any of them.  

    May 12th came around and things started getting hairy.  We had dinner in the new house, just sandwiches, and we watched a movie together.  It started getting dark and we noticed a couple bugs flying around in the kitchen.  Didn’t think much about it, bugs were going to be a regular occurrence with the location of the house.  A few minutes later, the movie ended and I started cleaning up our plates and things; I was walking through the kitchen and there were now 50+ of these bugs flying around.  Jordan had headed to the restroom and I yelled for him.  He came in and started killing them but they were just EVERYWHERE.  We were supposed to sign the contract that night and pay our deposit but the landlord never got back to us about meeting to do that.  We messaged her about the bugs and she just thought it was ridiculous that we wouldn’t just get over that.  We weren’t comfortable with that amount of bugs in our kitchen, so we notified her like she asked us to do if there were any problems.  We went back to my parents house that night instead of staying there like we had planned. 
    The next day, Mother’s Day, the landlord called us and had multiple complaints.  She informed us that she would still rent the place out to us but that we needed to think long and hard about this decision.  She honestly didn’t think we could handle it…  We were visiting family when we got that call, so we put it out of our minds for about half an hour, and then thought about it for a few hours, consulted with our parents and came to the decision that even though we’d have no where to live, that was not the place for us.  We got a truck and trailer, packed up the kitchen and took apart the bed, and were cleared out of that place in just a few hours.  HUGE shoutout to mom and dad, Bradyn and Harrisyn, and Garyn and Brooklyn for helping us get out of there so quickly.
    Then came the question:  where do we put all of our stuff? Cue the tears of reality setting in.  We are homeless.  We had to put all of our trust in God, that he would provide, we just had to keep praising and seeking Him.  We decided to take all of our stuff to the Brown County Christian Academy.  Another blessing, my parents had a space big enough to store all of our stuff.  It was kind of funny watching everyone pull out of the driveway.  Dad and Harrisyn were in the truck pulling the trailer, Garyn and Brooklyn were in the car behind them, ready to call if something fell off.  Mom and Bradyn were in the van behind them, I was in my car, and Jordan was the caboose in his car.  Mom didn’t even see dad pull off, so I just went on to the school with her and Bradyn.  Garyn took Brooklyn home and Jordan pulled off with dad.  On our way there, the truck broke down.  There were a couple blessings in this unfortunate event.  One, the cost to fix the truck wasn’t as expensive as we thought it was going to be, especially since the whole truck broke down and it wasn’t just that the battery died!  And two, where it broke down.  If you know my dad, you know he doesn’t know a stranger.  Well, this night was no different.  They broke down on the road where Mr. Don White, a preacher, lives and has a car shop.  That night, we were able to borrow a truck to pull the trailer with our things on it and we were also able to borrow his trailer on May 25th to move our non-drivable car from the Fairborn condo!  Praise God because this was a weight that had been on our shoulders for a long time.
    We went up to be with Jordan’s family on May 14th, our third niece, Emry Kay, was born!  The next day was our anatomy exam for our baby.  We got the gender in an envelope and had to just hold our breath until the gender reveal party on the 20th!  That was so exciting!  Everything looked great but they didn’t get to see her chin up like they like to so we get to go back and see her again on July 3rd.  Yay! 
    After many trials and over a month of no (regular) paycheck, Jordan finally got a job at Meggitt, a factory that makes airplane parts.  Vinny and Garyn work there as well.  His first day was June 12th and he (voluntarily) worked over 50 hours in his first week.  He is enjoying it and loves working again!  He will continue working overtime weekly to help us save up for baby girl.  I have not found a job yet, but I am still working on my photography and have a wedding coming up on July 14th!  During our time of gaining no income, we were able to pick up a couple odd, one time jobs to helps us get by.  The Lord will provide!
    Through this time, it feels as though everyone is preaching straight to our hearts.  We have been strong and will continue following God’s plan for our lives.
    To this day, June 27th, we are still living with my parents.  We have a couple houses to look at but we are just waiting on the landlords to finish working on them.  Still leaning on the Lord to guide us.  “Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him… Those who wait for the Lord, they will inherit the land”  (Psalms 37:7-9). I have complete faith in this verse!

    If you have made it this far through our story, thank you for being invested in our lives!  We will try to keep everyone updated.  If you have any advice, own personal stories you’d like to share, or any questions, feel free to comment or contact me or Jordan personally; we’d love to hear from you!