December 6, 2018

Christmas Photos

Alexa + Blake | Christmas Photos

I have known Alexa for as long as I can remember and we’ve been best friends for all of that time as well! Through years of school and sports, we were always together and that helped me grow one of the strongest relationships I have ever had. Alexa and I have been through a lot together and there are too many inside jokes to count! I am and forever will be grateful for the years we’ve had and the moments we’ve shared.

Now, as for Blake, I have only known him for about seven months. I actually met him at my gender reveal party! (If you don’t already know it’s a girl, you need to go stalk my social media profiles a little bit. Haha!) When I met him, he was kind of shy and quiet – exactly how Alexa is when first meeting someone. Honestly, he was probably WAY out of his comfort zone because they were the only ones there who weren’t family. I’m glad I got to meet Blake (and make sure he was good enough for Lex) that day.

Their relationship has grown quickly, but they have both grown together so much! They are now engaged to be married and I couldn’t be happier for the both of them! These photos were not engagement photos but I couldn’t not take pictures of Alexa’s ring as well!! Enjoy 🙂

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